Human Rights Voice Lithuania

Welcome, we are a Lithuanian organization working with human rights. 

What do we do?


We organize various human rights education events such as workshops and lectures in Lithuania


We actively monitor legal changes and react to new lawmaking initiatives and participate in legal discussions

Interesting content

We generate a variety of content on various platforms that helps people understand human rights better

Tools for education

We help to create tools that help to educate people on human rights issues in schools and elsewhere

Monitoring for violations

We actively monitor a wide variety of activities to make sure human rights violations are dealt with as fast as possible


Want to know what's happening in Lithuania? We are here to tell you all about human rights events.

Other platforms

Feel lost in human rights?

Don't worry, we have a tool to help you - check out Human Rights Guide where you will find all the info you need

Here for the news?

We have a one-stop place for all the human rights in Lithuania and worldwide, check out Žmogausteisė

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